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Rubber Stamps 

New Cultural Iris Folding Rubber Stamps 

New Iris Folding Stamps Pg 24

F-IR-127 Cling Mounted Fairy N Harp Iris Stamp 1 1/2 in w x 3 1/2H
Reg. $9.44

Q-IR-128 Cling Mounted The Dancer Cultural Iris Stamp 3 5/8w x 4 1/4H
Reg. 10.34

Q-IR-129 Cling Mounted Rose Fairy Iris Stamp 3w x 3 1/2H
Reg. 10.34

F-IR-130 Cling Mounted Woman Cultural Iris Stamp 1 3/8w x 3 1/2H
Reg. $9.44

F-IR-187 Cling Mounted Split hem dress Iris Stamp 7/8W x 3H
Reg. $9.44

F-IR-169 Cling Mounted High Heeled Boot Iris Stamp 1 1/4W x 3 /1/4H
Reg. $9.44

Q-IR-166 Cling Mounted Magic Dreamer Fairy Iris Stamp 2 3/4w x 3 1/8H
Reg. 10.34

F-IR-168 Cling Mounted High Heeled Shoe Iris Stamp 3 1/8W x 2H
Reg. $9.44

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Stamp N Plus Scrap N offers an ALL NEW awesome line of Cultural, and Fairies Iris folding Stamps. These wonderful stamps make iris folding extremely easy if you have any question on iris folding please call for info. These were released at CHA 2009. This page features wonderful Cultural Items.

Stamps as pictured are available on Cling mounted only do to ease of use compaired to irisfolding with wood mounted iris stamps..

Must be hand stamped. Quantity of 25 or less per design. Must be for a personal event, not to be used for commercial purposes. May not be mechanically reproduced, DIGI STAMPING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!!! Designs may not be duplicated without specific written consent of Stamp N Plus Scrap N, to do so would be a violation of our copyright. Proper credit should be given to us by mark: c Stamp N Plus Scrap N on each item made. If you would like to place an order or have any questions, please call us at    1-715-271-1873





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