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April 2000
Project of the Month

by Jennifer Gammel

Valentine Card

PP1010 purple mulberry paper
PP1000 Wine mulberry paper
PP945 orchid note cards
PP942 bright pink note cards
SP607 purple pad magic
72004 primrose Ancient page
Sp190 stamp n sponge
X1843 Love
Glue stick

1. stamp X1843 with primrose ink on bright pink bookmark, then tear the bookmark. After the bookmark is torn, sponge purple ink around the "love".

2. Sponge your orchid card with primrose, then go over the spots that you missed with the purple ink- only around the edges. Then take a little of each color on your sponge and blend the two together.

3. Tear small pieces of mulberry paper. Glue the Wine color first onto your card, then tear and glue the purple one on top.

4. Now glue the love paper on top and your card is finished.

By Teresina Terry

By Anne Oszust